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We are a restaurant/wine bar and caviste located in East Hollywood, Los Angeles. Our aim is to create a neighborhood place where everyone could connect over the natural wines and the food we love. 


The wine

As a caviste, it’s important for us to sell only the best possible natural wines made by winemakers who go beyond organic and biodynamic farming practices. We understand these farmers have a deep respect for the land and the grapes, never adding or taking away anything that will change a wine's sincerity. Unlike conventional wines that rely on safeguards of technology, natural wines are very much alive and dynamic. Sometimes a natural wine may be cloudy or it may be fizzy and it may likely be different from any wine you’ve previously tasted. This is one of the things we love about natural wine making. When cultivated with the utmost attention and care, these wines shine with an expressive nature and capture a story of time and place that may never be replicated. 


We don't stock wine just because we think it will sell. We taste every wine and carefully consider it before it makes our list. (Any bottle you find in our shop is a bottle we would drink ourselves.) Back vintages are aged in our cellar and released when we feel they are ready to drink or "showing well". It is our responsibility to represent these spirited wines and the people behind them with the utmost respect and most importantly in good faith. 



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